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What does it mean to be a non-immigrant?

A non-immigrant desires to enter the U.S. temporarily, and for a limited purpose.

Does a visa guarantee I will enter the u.s.?

No, a visa does not guarantee you will enter the U.S. A visa grants you permission to travel, but you can be denied entry at a U.S. port.

how many categories of visas are there?

There are 23 main non-immigrant visa status'. They are listed below.        

H-1B, H-2B, T and U visas are subject to numerical caps. 

A   Career Diplomats

B   Travel/Business Visitors

C   Aliens in Transit

D   Crewmembers

E   Treaty investors/Australians

F   Students

G  Int'l Organization Reps.

H  Temporary Workers

I   Foreign Media Reps.

J   Exchange Program Visitors

K  Fiances or Spouses/Children

L  Intracompany Transferees

M   Non-academic Students

N   Special Immigrant Parents/Children

O   Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

P    Entertainers & Athletes 

Q   Cultural Exchange Participants

R    Religious Workers 

S    Crime Witnesses/Informants

T    Victims of Human Trafficking

TN  NAFTA Professionals

U   Victims of Domestic Abuse or Crime

V    Spouses/Children of Permanent             Residents Who Filed an                           Immigration Petition More Than           Three Years Ago

i've overstayed my visa. what can i do?

There are potentially very serious consequences for overstaying the time period allowed for your visa, including being barred from entering the U.S. for several years, and being placed in removal proceedings.

Contact The Firm today if you have any questions about obtaining a non-immigrant visa, and learn how these visas differ. 

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